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St George's Stables

Our History

Serving the Equestrian Community since Since 1959

Joe Selinger immigrated to Canada in 1957 with a dream of importing top quality jumping horses and breeding them in Canada. In 1959, just two years after arriving in Canada from Germany Joe purchased 25 acres south of Calgary and started building his stable literally one fence post at a time. The most commonly asked question we hear is “why St. George's?” So here is the answer: one of Joe’s first customers, a columnist for the German horse magazine, Sankt Georg, suggested naming his stable after the popular publication; thus, the birth of St. George's Stables, which has now been operating in Calgary for over 50 years.


The Legacy continues...

Frank Selinger

Frank Selinger began his career as a professional in 1973 not long after that he won a bronze medal at the Pan American games. With his 34 Grand Prix wins and his leading Canadian rider title that he earned himself in 1977 at spruce meadows, Frank is a truly accomplished horseman. Most recently Frank was awarded the 2018 owner/ breeder of the year award. He has spent most of his life importing top quality horses, giving him the ability to find a great match for each rider and helping them achieve their individual goals. 

Frank teaching at Willowdale Equine.jpg
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